Work from home? How Broadway Coworking can solve 3 big problems!

To folks who have never worked from home it would seem a refreshing change from their 9 to 5 stuffy office. However for those of us who have recently started or worked at home for years can confirm "It has its challenges and is not for everyone!". Perhaps the 3 biggest challenges are: Distractions, Staying Motivated and isolation.

Joining a coworking space like Broadway Coworking can go a long way to solving all three of those problems.


It's hard to work on a project with the distractions of home all around. Small children or pets are among the hardest to resist. They’re constantly needing or wanting your attention, which can be fun at times, but in the middle of a project or decision you need to make, it makes things more difficult than they need to be. Even when you’re completely alone in your home, there is always the distraction of the bed and television or perhaps a neighbor stopping by. Coworking is a solves this because it’s a quiet place that you can hunker down and get a ton of work done without having the distractions or temptations of home.

Lack of Motivation

When you’re your own boss or remote employee, one of the biggest struggles can be getting organized and finding motivation on a day to day basis. A lot of people think being your own boss is appealing because you make the all rules, which means you’re allowed to take a day off whenever you’d like. This can be especially difficult when your office is your home. Waking up everyday, you’re already “at the office”, so you don’t have any specific time to get up or get going on a project. Having a designated place of work can be a huge help for this issue. Making a schedule and planning on being at your coworking space by a certain time every day can help keep you on track and get more work done.


While working alone is often the best way to get a lot of work done, it can have it’s pitfalls too. When you’re working on making a decision that you might not have the most knowledge about, you might want to reach out to someone who has a bit more expertise on the subject. Coworking provides a great opportunity to meet people of all walks of life, from all different industries. The more people you know, the more diverse your contacts list is, and the more likely you are to know just the right person to ask advice from.

Perhaps even more important than advice is human connection and friendships! Human beings are social by nature and who doesn't like to take a break and chat with a friendly coworker sometimes.