What makes “Coworking” WORK SO WELL?

What keeps our clean modern workspace clean is the combination of members cleaning up as they go about their day. Things like wiping up spilled coffee or a drink from the counter top or being sure to throw discarded items into the trash can. Our professional cleaning service is still here to do the heavy cleaning like bathrooms and floors.

At Broadway Coworking we all are considerate to not distract others by having loud phone conversations in front of others and for those calls you wish to make privately we offer all members space to do that.

Co working offers lots of value added amenities for members to use as  part of their membership. However personal office supplies are up to each member or business to furnish for themselves.

Being kind and respectful of others is not only encouraged to build relationships but required as part of our membership agreement.

Thankfully we have NEVER had an issue with this at Broadway Coworking and is not in our formal policy BUT always good to practice good hygiene and not over apply cologne or perfume. Just saying....

Finding others you can learn from and possibly even a mentor is just one of the benefits from being part of a professional community. We encourage people to share their experiences and be a positive example to others.

Growing your professional as well as social network is ALWAYS a good idea and brings both joy and opportunity into ones life.

We can all remember when a person brought the smelly fish lunch or likes to burn popcorn was in the break room with us right? We do provide a refrigerator for folks to keep a lunch for the day and there are good restarantes close by for when a fish taco or other aromatically offensive craving arises.

As part of our amenities for members we provide coffee, tea and other snacks here at Broadway Coworking. However if you happen to use the last of something or it's getting really low just tell a manager and it can be replenished.

With over 10,000 square feet of building we have lots of room however it's important to use only the spaces that your membership level allows for.

Just to recap:

General Membership: Use any table or non designated desk.

Dedicated Desk: Use the desk you have reserved for yourself as well as any table in the cafe area.

Private Office: Your office is yours alone however your able to also use the cafe area when desired.

All members have access to reserve the conference room or meeting spaces.