Private Oasis For Adults

Co-working spaces aren’t JUST for working. They can also be comfortable convenient places for parents to experience a moment of quiet to themselves or get refreshed before their next appointment. Broadway Coworking is divided into two noise zones, a quiet place where people can retreat too who want to work with out being interrupted and a cafe/ lounge where folks gather to socialize and engage in collaboration. And unlike your favorite coffee house the crowd and constant flow of the public is not an issue.

Our break and lounge area offers:

  • Excellent free coffee & occasional treats.
  • Quiet place to enjoy a meal. (Bring your food or order in)
  • Comfy sofas & chairs to relax
  • Tables to meet and chat with friends.
  • A fireplace to warm up by on a cold winter day.

Experience the warm relaxing cafe at Broadway Co-working for yourself. You’ll likely find that the cost is much less than visiting a coffee shop (You won’t be buying expensive drinks and pastries). And considering there is a regular crowd of members you may even make a few new friends!