Michele Reger is the owner and practitioner at "Solelychelle" recently opened within the Broadway Coworking business center!

Foot Zone Therapy is a hands-on modality that supports your entire body by promoting the healthy balance of every function.

Get on your feet with whole body wellness!

Foot Zone Therapy is a branch of Reflexology developed by Dr. Charles Ersdal of Norway in the 1970's (History of Foot Zone Therapy). This modality treats the whole body by establishing balance, elevating energy, renewing cells, promoting circulation, and aiding the body in the process of self-healing. The body's systems are interrelated, not separate symptomatic parts, so a Foot Zone treatment helps balance the energy and function of the entire body. The body knows where imbalances lie and in which order those imbalances can be corrected; Foot Zone therapy assists the body in achieving its desired, natural state of homeostasis.To learn more or book an appointment visit the WEBSITE or find Solelychelle on Facebook!

Michele Reger - Certified Foot Zone Practitioner

email: solelychele@gmail.com

call/text: 540.923.0090