Since 2001, BHP has made significant changes in the community where we work, play and live. As a Mainstreet Organization, BHP is a 5013 c(3) nonprofit association focused on three primary components to create a better community for both residents and businesses.

Physical Beautification: BHP makes our town more attractive by helping building owners renovate their buildings, filling vacant buildings and working with the town on beautification efforts.

Culture & Events: BHP hosts a number of community events to increase retail traffic and create memories for the people who call this town home. These events, in combination with the town’s athletic and academic pride, make Broadway a strong family community.

Economic Revitalization: BHP strives to enhance an environment conducive to economic development through supporting existing businesses and assisting in the recruitment of new commercial enterprises.

Together we help our community thrive. Contact us for information about joining the board, or helping with committees and events!

Visit the BHP website to learn more