February Free Jelly Days

Ever heard of a “Jelly Day”?

It actually has nothing to do with Jelly and everything to do with a “Free Trial Day” at Broadway Coworking. Jelly days are a perfect time to stop in to Broadway Coworking and enjoy the newest Coworking space in the Shenandoah Valley. These will be February 14th & 20th!

Bring your laptop or tablet and get some work done uninterrupted or sit down in the cafe for cup of coffee on us and chat with a friend. Coworking spaces are great for getting work done but they are also excellent for just socializing with people you know or meeting new friends. Most of the members at BCO are amazed at the people they meet here who have lived in the area for quite few years and they never know each other.

On days that are cold we usually have a fire going that folks can sit by and feel cozy and on days that are warm and sunny it’s fun to take a break from your emails, spreadsheets and other desk work to go outside and do a quick stroll through the park located only a short walk from the front door!

So if you are usually working from the home office, couch or kitchen table come in on one of our Jelly Days and give Broadway Coworking a try! If you know your going to come by please send a quick email, we often have food available for our visitors so it’s great to get a head count. However its fine to just drop in unannounced.