Dance & Fitness Studio Available!

Interested in holding a class or setting up your own fitness business?

At Broadway Coworking we have the perfect setup ready to go! The space is equipped with dance bars, hardwood floors and mirrors on the walls.

This is the perfect oppritunty to start your own full or part time dance, fitness or yoga class. Best of all you can do so without the financial risk of a 2-4 year lease.  All utilities are included and no long term lease is required, you can pay a flat rate for the studio time you need or even by the number of people you have in a class.

This space available to one or more businesses/ individuals to use based on their business needs on a first come basis.

To see the space call us here at Broadway Coworking or use the contact form on the website to set up an appointment.

Let this be the year that you finally follow your dream of opening your own business doing what you love!